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Dear restaurant owner,

Let's hope that you have withstood the Corona Virus crisis and that you and your loved ones are in good health.

Why did we develop this application?

A lot of people get in the car and go out for lunch or dinner. What happens? They don't find a free table at the restaurant they had planned, or they may find it closed. To avoid this, the OpenApp is ideal for you and your customer. You avoid unnecessary car journeys and save millions of litres of fuel and kilos of CO2 worldwide.

For your customer:

For your customer, from the OpenApp, it is extremely easy to select a particular restaurant and make a reservation, at no cost and without ads.

That said, your customer simply downloads the OpenApp for free and makes a reservation at the restaurant of hers/his choice.

For you:

For you, the restaurant owner, if you want your restaurant to be reflected in the OpenApp application, so that everyone can see it, you have to download the application and register through the website.

For only 1 euro per month you not only help your restaurant but also the environment, as your customer will not have to travel to find your restaurant closed or full. You only pay 12 euros per year, taxes included.

The app is completely free for your customer and you do not have to pay per customer or reservation made.

Through the App you can register your restaurant and it will be activated on the map. Every month, you will receive a reminder to check the opening hours, if necessary you can modify it from the app directly and at any time. It is very important for your customer that your opening hours are correct in the OpenApp.

Advantages of OpenApp

  • Completely free for your customer.
  • Configuration in your own language.
  • The customer without calling can make a reservation in his own language, reaching you in your language. Example: A Dutchman makes a reservation in Dutch, you receive it in Spanish or whatever language you have configured in the App, you confirm the reservation and the customer receives the confirmation in Dutch.
  • No more unnecessary rides and therefore better for the environment.
  • And… increase the income of the restaurant as it is quite easy for the customer to find you if you are registered in the App.